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Hăbășescu and Associates SCA

The Professional Civil Lawyers Company Hăbășescu and Associates SCA came into existence as a result of the association, at the beginning of 2022, of 3 definitive lawyers, professionals attorney, dedicated to the profession: Victor Hăbășescu, coordinating lawyer, member of the Bucharest Bar since 2001, Bogdan Tinu, associate lawyer, member of the Bucharest Bar since 2005 and Dumitru Tocaru, associate lawyer, member of the Bucharest Bar since 2019.

The association was a natural step in the professional evolution of the lawyers within the team, taking into consideration that there had been a professional collaboration for a long time prior to the establishment of S.C.A. Hăbășescu and Associates, and this led to the creation of stable links, verified over time.

In addition, the founding partners, during their professional collaboration, have developed some professional skills specific to each one, which leads to the possibility to provide multidisciplinary services for our clients.

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We give importance to all possibilities, resources, ideas, goals and hopes of our clients, allowing them to first understand and then find the best solutions to solve the problems they face.

Our client is our priority so he will benefit from our advice, ensuring appropriate, fast and competent assistance.

Hăbășescu and Associates SCA

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